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An Outcome-Focused Approach to Wealth Management

Australian and Global Equities

Our Australian and Global Equities offerings are designed for strong, risk-adjusted returns. Our Global High Conviction unit class focuses on top global opportunities, while our Global Mobility strategy seizes the autonomous and electric vehicle revolution. Our Australian All Cap strategy invests in quality companies across all market caps, providing flexibility and downside protection, while our Australian Small Cap Income portfolio focuses on strong, dividend-paying businesses, offering a flexible approach. All strategies prioritise wealth preservation with a risk-aware, long-term approach.

TAMIM Property

Our Property offerings provide investors with opportunities in both listed and unlisted Australian and global real estate securities. Focussed on generating income and capital growth, this high-conviction strategy is managed by an experienced property management team, led by Jeff Taitz. TAMIM offers a flexible investment mandate, capable of allocating to unlisted transactions when the right opportunities arise. Designed for clients seeking property exposure in a listed capacity, our TAMIM Listed Property portfolio is ideal for those who value customer service, risk-awareness, and have a long-term investment horizon.”


TAMIM Fund: Credit offers investors an Australian unit trust specialising in private debt and credit opportunities, aiming to generate a consistent income stream. We achieve this objective by building a diversified portfolio of private loans, partnering with industry leading credit investment managers and loan platforms. We diligently pursue an annual yield of RBA Cash Rate + 6.75%, paid quarterly, while prioritising security through a rigorous due diligence process that evaluates People, Pedigree, Process, and Performance.

Delivering high-quality solutions across equities, property & credit

Invest with Confidence

At TAMIM Asset Management, we’re dedicated to preserving and generating your wealth through outcome-focused strategies. With years of experience in investment and funds management, we understand that investors seek not only returns but also the protection of their hard-earned capital. Our proactive, solution-oriented approach sets us apart in Australian and Global equities, shares, property, and REITs within the wealth management industry.

Investment Solutions for Every Market Condition

As market conditions evolve, we recognise that different investment styles shine. Our platform offers Unlisted Unit Trust (funds) and Individually Managed Account (IMA) solutions, enabling you to benefit from various market scenarios. Our hand-picked best-of-breed managers across diverse asset classes ensure robust risk management and capital preservation.

Integrity in Every Step

“TAMIM” embodies our core principle – integrity. As a privately owned business, we’re not beholden to institutions or proprietary products. Our comprehensive, independent investment offering spans all asset classes. Our innovative platform provides transparency and direct ownership of assets, putting your financial well-being first.

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