Boutique Australian Fund Manager

We manage investment portfolios which focus on return generation in an appropriate risk framework across Australian and Global Equities, Property and Credit.


TAMIM Global Tech and Innovation

Invest in the rapidly expanding global tech sector, all managed by experts, in one fund.


Invest with Confidence

At TAMIM Asset Management, we’re dedicated to generating and preserving wealth through outcome-focused strategies. With years of experience in investment and funds management, we understand that investors seek not only returns but also the protection of their hard-earned capital. Our proactive, solution-oriented approach sets us apart in equities, property, and credit within the wealth management industry.

Investment Solutions for Every Market Condition

As market conditions evolve, we recognise that different investment styles shine. Our platform offers Unlisted Unit Trust (funds) and Individually Managed Account (IMA) solutions, enabling you to benefit from various market scenarios. Our top rated managers across diverse asset classes ensure robust risk management and capital preservation.

Contrarian Investors

As contrarian investors, we seek out undervalued assets that hold hidden potential amidst prevailing market trends. Our unconventional approach may defy popular wisdom, diverging from the herd of investors fixated on mainstream trends. Yet, by leveraging contrarian strategies, we have consistently delivered exceptional investment results, surpassing traditional methods.Through our distinctive investment philosophy, we proactively anticipate market shifts and capitalise on profitable opportunities by sidestepping popular fads.

Second Level Thinkers

As fund managers, we embrace a second level thinking philosophy, approaching our investment decisions with careful consideration, always probing “and then what.” Recognising the market’s reactive nature driven by emotion and short-term perspectives, we analyse the underlying factors crucial for lasting success. We are not afraid to question common assumptions or take unconventional approaches if it means better outcomes for our clients.

Integrity in Every Step

“TAMIM” embodies our core principle – integrity. As a privately owned business, we’re not beholden to institutions or proprietary products. Our comprehensive, independent investment offering spans all asset classes. Our innovative platform provides transparency and direct ownership of assets, putting your financial well-being first.

About TAMIM Asset Management

TAMIM Asset Management is a boutique investment firm that provides a variety of investment solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, with a commitment to safeguarding their wealth.

TAMIM Property

Invest in listed or unlisted Australia and Global real estate. TAMIM Property investment core strategy is to identify price dislocations and value-add opportunities in high quality real estate across Australia by utilising its industry expertise and direct network. We target property investments that are designed to satisfy two specific, risk-mitigated strategies: Wealth Preservation and Capital Growth.

Australian and Global Equities

Our Australian and Global Equity funds provide investors with exposure to some of the world’s best companies, diversification, and the potential to enhance returns over the long-term. By leveraging our expertise and insights, we aim to navigate the dynamic landscape of financial markets to optimise returns and achieve sustained growth opportunities for our valued clients.


Aiming to generate a consistent income stream, the TAMIM Fund: Credit offers investors an Australian unit trust specialising in private debt and credit opportunities. We achieve this objective by building a diversified portfolio of private loans, partnering with industry leading credit investment managers and loan platforms. We prioritise security through a rigorous due diligence process.

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