Private Debt

The TAMIM Credit fund specialises in investing in private debt and other credit opportunities, aiming to generate income for investors. We achieve this objective by carefully curating a diverse portfolio of funds and platforms that originate and manage private loans.


+7.35% p.a

Annualised Return Since Inception (net of fees)


Total Return Since Inception (net of fees)


NAV Unit Price as at
31 May 2024

Oct 2018




About the Fund

Portfolio Manager: Darren Katz

With over 26 years of experience in financial markets, Darren possesses a keen eye for quality managers and investment products. Darren has spent the last 9 years working alongside a passionate and highly skilled team building the TAMIM investment business. Today TAMIM operates some of the most successful and diverse equity, property and credit investment solutions in Australia.

Fund Performance

Reports & Factsheet

Discover further details about the fund's investment strategy, the investment team, and the investment process.


Investment Process
Learn about the fund investment philosophy and process.

  Investment Philosophy and Process

What is Private Debt?

Fund Facts

Investment Parameters

Management Style: Active
Investments: Asset based lending
Cash flow backed lending
Real estate lending
Corporate debt
Opportunistic credit investments
Investable universe: Australian private debt
Unsecured debt limit: 5% of fund assets
Cash level: 0-100%

Fund Profile

Investment Structure: Unlisted Unit Trust (available to wholesale investors)
Minimum Investment: A$100,000
Management Fee: 1.25% p.a.
Admin & Expense Recovery Fee: Up to 0.15%
Performance Fee: Nil
Distributions: Quarterly
Entry/Exit Fee: Nil
Buy/Sell Spread: +0.20% / -0.20%
Applications: Monthly
Redemptions: End of next quarter with 30 days’ notice
Investment Horizon: 3 - 5 years +

Note: There will be a maximum allocation of units to the value of A$5m each month. Applications must be received and funded five (5) business days before month end.

Investor Profile

The TAMIM Credit unit class caters to clients who:


Seek a consistent and reliable income source
beyond traditional options.


Value a risk-aware
approach to private debt investment.


Prioritise transparency and exceptional customer service.


Embrace a long-term investment horizon of at least three years while accepting associated debt product risks.

Get key insights into the current macro environment, the state of domestic home lending, and the impact of increased rates on business funding.


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