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April 2024 | Investor Update

Dear Investor,

TAMIM Fund: Credit generated a 0.73% return in April, resulting in a twelve-month net return to investors of 8.58% with all underlying allocations performing as expected. Since inception, the portfolio has delivered an annualised return of 7.33% p.a. net of all fees. Over the five years and seven months since inception, the Fund has only had one negative month and has paid a quarterly distribution of between 1.4 and 2.2% every quarter. The next quarterly distribution is scheduled to be paid on 15 August 2024. TAMIM remains committed to investing with larger, more established managers and avoiding those that are unproven, especially in the current environment. We also continue to focus on senior secured exposure through deals secured by real assets or business cash flows.

Sincerely yours,
The TAMIM Team

1 Year Return 8.58%

Fund Performance

Fund Facts

Investment Parameters

Management Style: Active
Investments: Asset based lending
Cash flow backed lending
Real estate lending
Corporate debt
Opportunistic credit investments
Investable universe: Australian private debt
Unsecured debt limit: 5% of fund assets
Cash level: 0-100% 

Fund Profile

Investment Structure: Unlisted Unit Trust (available to wholesale investors)
Minimum Investment: A$100,000
Management Fee: 1.25% p.a.
Admin & Expense Recovery Fee: Up to 0.15%
Performance Fee: Nil
Distributions: Quarterly
Entry/Exit Fee: Nil
Buy/Sell Spread: +0.20% / -0.20%
Applications: Monthly
Redemptions: End of next quarter with 30 days’ notice
Investment Horizon:

3 - 5 years +

Note: There will be a maximum allocation of units to the value of A$5m each month. Applications must be received and funded five (5) business days before month end.


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