Global High Conviction

Global High Conviction

4 Feb, 2024 | Economy

PictureThe TAMIM Fund: Global High Conviction unit class is a portfolio of global equities from major developed global exchanges. The portfolio holds 50-80 of the best ideas from our investment manager. The portfolio uses a systematic and consistent approach to stock selection and portfolio construction to deliver strong risk adjusted returns to our clients while focusing on attempting to preserve their wealth.



  • A portfolio of international shares providing access to market segments and companies not available in Australia.
  • ​​Flexible investment mandate which is able to move to cash if required.
  • Selected and managed by Robert Swift  and the team at Delft Partners using their proven VMQ investment process.
  •  Risk aware  and long term approach to global investing.
  • A focused portfolio of the most attractive and innovative global companies.



  • To achieve a high real rate of return over the long-term within defined risk parameters acceptable to Delft Partners through a diversified portfolio of global listed companies.
  • To achieve a positive return over the long term over and above that from global equities.
  • Delft Partners believes that equity markets are inefficient and good active managers can add value.
  • We seek out the segments and sectors where we believe the best risk adjusted returns are available.
  • ​Investing in a disciplined and systematic way – the combination of our quantitative model (VMQ) to screen the investable universe and our wealth of experience to optimise and select the portfolio.



​​All investments carry risk. While it is not possible to identify every risk relevant to your investment, we have provided details of the risks that may affect your investment in the relevant information memorandums and additional information booklets.

You can request these documents here.



Portfolio Manager: Global High Conviction
​CFA, Delft Partners
Robert Swift, CFA is the Portfolio Manager of the Global High Conviction Strategy at TAMIM Asset Management. The Global High Conviction Strategy is managed on behalf of TAMIM by Delft Partners. Delft Partners is an AFSL licensed active global equity manager using proprietary quantitative models combined with fundamental analysis to provide strong risk adjusted returns for Wholesale and Institutional clients across a number of strategies.
Robert has worked as a global fund manager in the investment industry for over 35 years. He has held senior investment positions in London, Boston and Sydney. He currently sits on the investment committee at the Count Charitable Foundation, based in Australia, and as an investment committee member for The OCIO, an outsourced CIO asset allocation specialist based in Dubai.



Management Style: Active
Benchmark: MSCI World Net Total Return Index
Number of securities: 80-100
Single security limit: +/- 5% relative to Benchmark
Country/Sector limit: +/- 10% relative to Benchmark
Investable universe: MSCI World Net Total Return Index
Market capitalisation: $2+bn
Derivatives: No
Leverage: No
Portfolio turnover: Typically < 25% p.a.
Cash level: 0-100% (typically 0-10%)


Investment Structure: Unlisted Unit Trust available to wholesale or sophisticated investors
Investments: Global Equities
Minimum investment: $100,000
Management fee: 1.00% p.a.
Administration & expense recovery fee: Up to 0.35%
Performance fee: 20% of performance in excess of hurdle
Fee cap: 2% p.a.
Hurdle: MSCI World Net Total Return Index
Buy/Sell spread: +0.25%/-0.25%
Exit fee: Nil
Applications/Redemptions: Monthly
Investment Horizon: 3-5+ years



The TAMIM Global High Conviction strategy is also available as an Individually Managed Account (IMA). Please see the Strategy Summary for terms.