2 Financial Services Stocks Being Overlooked

This week we are writing about a pair of financial services companies that are growing, have tailwinds and are trading at what we believe to be bargain prices. In the wake of the 2019 Royal Commission we have seen huge changes in the Australian financial services...

3 Reporting Season Highlights

Ron Shamgar takes stock after yet another busy reporting season, looks at his portfolio and gives us three brief highlights from the recent results. Reporting season wrapped up on Friday and for us it was mostly a positive set of results. It was worth noting that a...

Stock Review: A Capital-light Compounder

This week we look at one of the most overlooked but stellar results of the 2020 reporting season. This company has grown earnings at a compound rate of 44% p.a. for the last four years and requires little capital to grow. The business is benefitting from structural...

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