Why This Building Services Company’s Stock Doubled In 12 Months

Why This Building Services Company’s Stock Doubled In 12 Months

9 May, 2024 | Stock Insight

Technology advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI), have been pivotal in driving market dynamics recently, with notable companies like Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA), Meta (NASDAQ: META), and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) experiencing significant stock price surges of 210%, 102%, and 58% respectively over the past 12 months.

In our previous analysis, AI’s Power Surge: Overlooked Opportunities of a Tech-Driven Future and Power Play: Investing in Energy for Innovation, we highlighted the critical role of AI, cryptocurrency mining, and clean technology manufacturing in pushing U.S. energy supplies to their limits, heralding the dawn of a Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Amid this transformative era, the necessity for improved infrastructure becomes obvious, positioning specialty contractors like EMCOR Group Inc. (NYSE: EME) as essential. With an impressive 123% share price surge over the past year, EMCOR stands out for its strategic role in modernising and sustaining the frameworks critical to supporting these burgeoning technologies.

Company Overview


EMCOR makes high-tech manufacturing possible. The company operates through over 80 dynamic subsidiaries, boasting more than 35,000 skilled employees across 180 locations. The company’s operations are segmented into three primary divisions, each specialising in critical aspects of construction to serve a diverse range of corporate and public sector clients:

EMCOR Construction Services (ECS)
ECS provides innovative design-build services that meet fast-track schedules and unique engineering demands. ECS specialises in electrical construction, mechanical construction, and fire protection
The division is a nationwide group of mechanical and electrical contractors with experience in virtually all U.S. markets— commercial, healthcare, institutional, education, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and water and wastewater treatment.

EMCOR Building Services (EBS)
EBS ensures facilities across the U.S. operate at increased efficiency through a blend of self-performed and supplier-managed services. This division handles everything from HVAC maintenance and energy upgrades to comprehensive interior and exterior services, supporting a wide variety of facilities.

EMCOR Industrial Services (EIS)
EIS provides comprehensive maintenance, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication services across North America. From an investment standpoint, EIS’s approach to providing integrated solutions through a single-source provider delivers significant value to major industries. This division’s ability to offer bespoke contracting strategies is particularly advantageous, allowing EMCOR to meet diverse client needs with precision and effectively manage complex projects, which can enhance profitability.

Strategic Positioning and Growth Opportunities

EMCOR’s strategic positioning within the infrastructure sector is significantly enhanced by legislative tailwinds provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). These acts represent a monumental federal investment totaling US$1.25 trillion, earmarked for revitalising and expanding the U.S.’s transportation, energy, water resources, and electrical infrastructures. EMCOR is poised to benefit from these initiatives, as the company’s extensive capabilities in mechanical and electrical construction align directly with the U.S’s renewed focus on infrastructure improvement.

Additionally, EMCOR’s expertise in high-tech sectors such as data centers and semiconductor manufacturing positions it at the forefront of industries increasingly driven by AI technologies. These projects demand sophisticated electrical and mechanical constructions—areas where EMCOR excels.

Additionally, the increased focus on indoor air quality maintenance, driven by concerns over wildfires and public health issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, places EMCOR in a prime position to capture new revenue streams in this essential service area. As these sectors evolve, EMCOR’s diverse capabilities and extensive reach enable it to effectively leverage macro growth trends.

By aligning its operations with significant federal investments and the frontiers of technological integration, EMCOR is not just participating in the hot trend of AI and digitisation; it is actively shaping the future of industrial and energy infrastructure, ensuring relevance for the coming decade.

The Infrastructure Decade

Dubbed the ‘Infrastructure Decade’ by the Biden administration, this period is defined by significant legislative acts and fiscal stimulus like the CHIPS act, IIJA and the IRA. Despite a divided Congress, the groundwork laid by the previous legislative session has initiated a large-scale overhaul of American infrastructure, with enormous investments across various sectors over the next 5-10 years.

Industry insights, such as a 2023 survey by Construction Dive, indicate that contractors including EMCOR, are beginning to see the tangible benefits of these federal investments. In the recent earnings call, EMCOR’s Chairman and CEO Tony Guzzi shared the company’s engagement in projects that leverage these federal investments in sectors such as solar energy and electrical infrastructure, as well as the recent reshoring trend. Guzzi highlighted,

“The solar is just starting to reengage in our part of the world, and we have great capability there, supported by the IRA and government incentives. We are privileged to be able to leverage union labour or apply our prevailing wage experience and apprenticeship programs in the nonunion world to execute these projects.”

Moreover, EMCOR has experienced significant momentum in data center construction, driven largely by the AI boom. ​

“We’ve been leaders in data center construction since the early 2000s,” Guzzi noted, “These facilities have evolved from 5 to 100 megawatt capacities, driven by increasing demand for cloud services and AI-powered systems.”

The growth in data center construction is substantial, with the market expected to reach US$55.36 billion by 2028, growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11%. Similarly, data storage capacity is projected to more than double by 2027, highlighting the critical need for EMCOR’s services in an increasingly digital and AI-driven world.

The surge in needs to support advancements in AI, electric vehicle supply chain, and cryptocurrency mining creates a dual opportunity for EMCOR. On one hand, the booming demand for manufacturing facilities, data centers, and other infrastructure aligns perfectly with EMCOR’s expertise in building services. On the other hand, the corresponding spike in energy requirements presents a significant opportunity for EMCOR to leverage its capabilities in infrastructure services. As energy demands escalate due to the expansion of high-tech industries, EMCOR is well-positioned to address both the building and modernisation of essential infrastructure, effectively turning these challenges into a growth engine for the company.

Recent Results Surpassing Expectations

EMCOR concluded fiscal year 2023 with robust results. The company reported annual revenue of US$12.6 billion, a 13.6% increase from the previous year, with organic growth nearly matching at 12.6%. Notably, earnings per share (EPS) surged by 65% over the same period, highlighting significant profitability improvements.

This upward trend continued into the first quarter of 2024, with EMCOR surpassing expectations. The company achieved quarterly revenues of US$3.43 billion, up 18.7% year-over-year, and a remarkable 79.7% increase in diluted EPS to $4.17. These strong performance metrics led EMCOR to revise its 2024 guidance upwards, now anticipating revenues between US$14 billion and US$14.5 billion and EPS in the range of US$15.50 to US$16.50.

EMCOR’s outlook is supported by a solid balance sheet, characterised by a low debt-to-capitalisation ratio and substantial cash reserves of US$840 million. This financial stability positions the company well for sustained growth and investment in key areas.

Investments in energy efficiency, sustainability, and advanced technologies like BIM software, prefabrication, automation, and robotics are driving operational improvements. These technologies not only enhance project efficiency and reduce timelines but also align EMCOR with evolving regulatory trends and market demands for greener practices and energy-efficient infrastructure. The successful integration of these technologies is evident in EMCOR’s improved operating margins over the past two years, positioning the company for continued competitive advantage and potential profit margin expansion.

The TAMIM Takeaway

Looking ahead, EMCOR is well-positioned to capitalise on the expanding infrastructure and technology sectors. The company stands to benefit significantly from federal investments like the IIJA and IRA, which are expected to drive demand for EMCOR’s services in large-scale infrastructure projects. Additionally, EMCOR’s involvement in technological advancements, particularly in data centers and AI, positions it at the forefront of industry developments.

In essence, EMCOR represents a convergence of opportunity and stability, making it an attractive long-term investment for benefiting from infrastructure development and technological progress.

Disclaimer:  EMCOR Group Inc. (NYSE: EME), Meta (NASDAQ: META) and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) are currently held in TAMIM Portfolios.

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