Weekly Reading List – 9th of May

This week’s reading and viewing list Big Tech Capex and Earnings Quality, How Walt Disney Built His Greatest Creation: Disneyland and Berkshire Hathaway’s 2024 Q&A Session.
📚 Big Tech Capex and Earnings Quality (John Huber)

📚 Broken Record: An open letter to Western politicians on Russia. (Doomberg)

📚 There’s More to Warren Buffett’s Game Than Just Picking Great Stocks (Jason Zweig, WSJ)

🎙️Conversations: Volatility Ahead? Featuring Howard Marks, Armen Panossian, and David Rosenberg (The Insight by Oaktree Capital Podcast)

📚 Berkshire Hathaway’s 2024 Q&A Session (The Rational Walk)

🎙️How Walt Disney Built His Greatest Creation: Disneyland (Founders Podcast)

📚 Meta and Reasonable Doubt (Ben Thompson)

📚 A Few Short Stories (Morgan Housel)

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