Weekly Reading List – 9th of March

This week’s reading list: Artificial intelligence? Smaller tax returns?  Find out below..

📚 Bank Runs, Now & Then (A Wealth of Common Sense)

📚 Here’s Why the Economy Seems Weird (Wall Street Journal)

📚 In the Hunt for Fraud, the Red Flags Start with the Auditor (Institutional Investor)

📚 The Fight Over Penn Station and Madison Square Garden (The New Yorker)

📚 Artificial intelligence is reaching behind newspaper paywalls (The Economist)

📚 ‘Bad timing’: Smaller tax returns tipped amid work-from-home rule changes (The New Daily)

🎙️ Lessons from a Titan (Spotify)

📚 Climate tech risked becoming a banking-crisis casualty. What’s next for solar and the rest of fledgling sector? (Market Watch)

📚 Euro zone inflation softens to 8.5% in February as ECB signals interest rate hiking is not over (CNBC)

📚 AI’s Victories in Go Inspire Better Human Game Playing (Scientific American)

📚 Our economic goal should not be growth. It should be resilience (Prospect)

📚 The fall of GE. William Cohen, author Power Failure: The Rise and Fall of an American Icon (Spotify: William Cohan)

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