Weekly Reading List – 6th of June

This week’s reading and viewing list covers AI Integration and Modularization, The Legacy of Danny Kahneman and Are We on the Brink of an AI Investment Arms Race?

📚 AI Integration and Modularization (Stratechery)

📚 The Economics of Different (Eric Cinnamond)

🎙️ Interview: nteractive Brokers founder, Thomas Peterffy (The World According to Boyar Podcast)

📚 When Past Performance Doesn’t Even Predict Past Performance (Jason Zweig, WSJ)

📚 Are We on the Brink of an AI Investment Arms Race? (Bridgewater)

🎙️ CHIPS Act: Securing Semiconductor Supply (Business Breakdowns Podcast)

🎙️ James Bessen – Understanding the Tech Paradigm (Value Investing with Legends Podcast)

​📚 On the Legacy of Danny Kahneman (Drew Dickson, Albert Bridge)

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