Weekly Reading List – 6th of July

This week’s reading and viewing list covers Ray Dalio’s old shop Bridgewater talking about disequilibrium, Seth Klarman on market inefficiencies, a guide to the modern monetary system, how to achieve scale and so much more..

📚 Porter Collins and Vincent Daniel – Big Shorts and Big Longs (Capital Allocators Podcast)

📚 What The Oil Bulls Got Wrong | Michael Kao & Alexander Stahel on the Chinese Yuan & Oil “Doom Loop” (Forward Guidance Podcast)

📺The Future: Markets, AI & Climate Change with Jeremy Grantham (Wealth Track, Youtube)

📚 From Hustle to Scale (Microcap Club, Ian Cassel)

📚 Understanding the Modern Monetary System (Pragmatic Capitalism)

📚 Seth Klarman on investing: Look for the most inefficient pockets in the world (CNBC, Youtube)

📚 Most Global Economies Remain in Disequilibrium, Requiring Policy Action (Bridgewater)

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