Weekly Reading List – 5th of October

This week’s reading and viewing list covers The Curse of Short-Termism, a watch list on the Great Wealth Transfer and Rising Internal Conflict by Ray Dalio and Bill Gates on Climate.
📚 15 Questions to Ask Management Teams (Todd Wenning)

📚 AI, Hardware, and Virtual Reality (Ben Thompson, Stratechery)

📺Ray Dalio on the Great Wealth Transfer and Rising Internal Conflict (video, Part 1) (Bridgewater Associates, Youtube)

📺 Ray Dalio on the US-China Conflict and China’s Economic Challenges (video, Part 2) (Bridgewater Associates, Youtube)

🎙️ Mark Zuckerberg on Threads, the future of AI, and Quest 3 (Decoder Podcast)

📺 JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on IPOs, AI, 3-Day Work Weeks, 8% Interest Rates (Bloomberg, Youtube)

📚 The Curse of Short-Termism (Joe Wiggins, Behavioural Investment)

📺 Bill Gates on Climate: “Are We Science People or Are We the Idiots?” (New York Times Events, Youtube)

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