Weekly Reading List – 4th of May

This week’s reading list: Why do banks keep failing? Strange matter discovered? Can the Fed finally back off? Find out below…

📚 Jobs Slowdown May Finally Be Happening—So Then the Fed Can Back Off (CIO)

📚 The Case for the Total Liberation of Ukraine (The Atlantic)

​📚 Physicists See ‘Strange Matter’ Form inside Atomic Nuclei (Scientific American)

​📚 This company adopted AI. Here’s what happened to its human workers (NPR)

​📚 Why Banks Keep Failing (The Atlantic)

​📚 Bed Bath & the great Beyond: How the home goods giant went bankrupt (NPR)

​📚 In a thriving Michigan county, a community goes to war with itself (Washington Post)

​📚 Why the RBA did not surprise with “shock” 25bps hike (Livewire)

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