Weekly Reading List – 3rd of August

This week’s reading and viewing list covers Elon Musk’s X Factor, The four-hour work day and Samo Burja discussing the The Great Founder Theory of History.

📚 Elon Musk’s X Factor (The New Yorker)

📚 The best book I’ve read this year (Chris Mayer, Woodlock House Family Capital)

📚 Is it OK to own 100% stocks? (GMO Whitepaper)

📚 Has the bond ETF boom helped nurture the private credit frenzy? (Financial Times)

🎙️ Samo Burja – The Great Founder Theory of History (Invest like the Best Podcast)

📚 The four-hour work day (The Imperfectionist)

📚 A Generational Change (The Irrelevant Investor)

🎙️Value Investing: Down But Not Out? (David Einhorn, Money Maze Podcast)

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