Weekly Reading List – 31st of August

This week’s reading and viewing list looks at the one investing trait we should have in our arsenal, a timely discussion on the Rule of Law by Dalio, the self-driving experiment and buying a sporting franchise amongst others.

📚 One Investing Trait to Rule them All (Todd Wenning)

📚 Declines of Truth, Trust, and the Rule of Law Have Throughout History Led to, and Are Now Leading to, Disorder (Ray Dalio)

🎙️ The Self-Driving Experiment (Land of Giants Podcast)

🎙️ The Curious Case of Big Tech (MBI Deep Dives)

📚 Toys for Billionaires: Sports Franchises as Trophy Assets! (Aswath Damodaran)

📚 Navigating The Growing Liquidity Hole (Jesse Felder)

🎙️ The Best Ideas are Simple, w/ Guy Spier (Behind the Balance Sheet Podcast)

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