Weekly Reading List – 30th of March

This week’s reading list:  Bank stocks investment? China’s trade with Russia surges?  Find out below..

📚 What is a Bailout? (Barry Riholtz)

📚 Which city builds skyscrapers the fastest? (Construction Physics)

​📚 U.S. Bank Failures, 2001 – Present (Barry Riholtz)

🎙️ Charlie Munger & Todd Combs Conversation from April, 2022 (Todd Combs)

​📚 ChatGPT: Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes (ETF Trends)

​📚 Why Terry Smith never invests in bank stocks (Fundsmith, Financial Times)

​📚 Artificial Intelligence Made Me Write This (Tom Morgan)

🎙️Robert Swift on EQ versus IQ, measuring risk, global opportunities and macro themes (Australian Investors Podcast)

📚 China’s trade with Russia surges at double-digit pace in Jan-Feb (Reuters)

📚 China completes first yuan-settled LNG trade (Reuters)

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