Weekly Reading List – 29th of June

This week’s reading and viewing list covers an end of year super checklist, a discussion about why this time might really be different, a throw back to an old favourite – Jim Rogers, the India growth engine and more…

📚 The ultimate superannuation EOFY checklist 2023 (Morningstar)

📚 This Time Might Be Different with Howard Marks and David Rosenberg (Oaktree Capital)

📺 A Macro and Markets Deep Dive With Jim Rogers (Youtube, Real Vision Finance)

📚 Why India will replace China as the world’s growth engine this decade (Forbes)

📚 What Really Happened the Night the Nickel Market Broke (Bloomberg)

🎙️ Patrick Doyle, Executive Chairman of RBI on: increasing Domino’s share price by 23x; his vision for Tim Hortons and Burger King (Podcast, The World According To Boyar)

📚 AI’s Winners, Losers and Wannabes: An NVIDIA Valuation, with the AI Boost! (Aswath Damodaran)

📚 Amazon, Friction, and the FTC (Stratechery)

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