Weekly Reading List – 27th of July

This week’s reading and viewing list covers AI revolution, Pixar’s Formula for Storytelling Success & Emotional Persuasion and Wealth vs. Income. 

📚 Going the Distance (Ian Cassel, MicroCap Club)

📚 Rich and Anonymous (Morgan Housel)

🎙️ Deciding, Fast and Slow with Dr. Daniel Kahneman (Decision Education Podcast)

🎙️ From Poverty To Power w/ Arnold Van Den Berg (Richer, Wiser, Happier Podcast)

🎙️ Pixar’s Formula For Storytelling Success & Emotional Persuasion w/ Founder Ed Catmull (The School of Greatness Podcast)

📚 Wealth vs. Income (The Rational Walk)

📚 The workers at the frontlines of the AI revolution (Rest of World)

📚 Paying Attention to Your Attention Span (Dave Epstein, Range Widely)

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