Weekly Reading List – 27th of April

This week’s reading list:  We listen to where CalSTRS one of the largest investors in the world is allocating funds, we try and make some sense of bond markets, we look more at the psychology of luck and try to figure out if AI can beat the market? Find out more in the list below…

🎙️ CalSTRS: How the $300 Billion Pension Fund is Allocating in 2023 (Money Maze Podcast)

📚 Bond Market Turmoil (Verdad)

🎙️ Prof. William Goetzmann: Learning from Financial Market History (Rational Reminder)

📚 AI Can’t Beat This Market (Validea)

📚 (Value) Stocks Do Offer Inflation Protection (The Market)

​📚 MSG Split Offers Plays on Vegas, Knicks Arena. What to Do With the Stocks (Barron’s) *paywall*

​🎙️ Morgan Housel: The Psychology of Luck (Permanent Podcast)

​📚 The Best Businesses To Own (Christopher Mayer)

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