Weekly Reading List – 26th of October

This week’s reading and viewing list covers Lessons in Venturing Differently with Ho Nam, Navigating the Magnificent Seven’s Fundamentals and China Chips and Moore’s Law.
📚 China Chips and Moore’s Law (Ben Thompson, Stratechery)

📚 Narrative Drives Price (Sean Iddings, Micro Cap Club)

📚 The Fed ‘can’t be a prisoner’ to economic data (Jim Grant on CNBC)

🎙️ Ho Nam – Lessons in Venturing Differently (Art of Investing Podcast)

🎙️ What’s Really Standing in the Way of a Nuclear Renaissance? (Odd Lots Podcast)

📚 Navigating the Magnificent Seven’s Fundamentals (Validea)

📚 Where are all the defaults? (Greg Obenshain, Verdad)

📚 In Praise of Slowness, in Life and Investing (Safal Niveshak)

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