Weekly Reading List – 25th of May

This week’s reading and viewing list: Why Monetary Policy still confuses economists, the legendary Sam Zell’s Final Wise Words, don’t listen to stories and an interview with valuation guru Aswath Damodaran

📚 Why Are Economists Still Uncertain About the Effects of Monetary Policy? (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)

📚 Mr. Market Is Still In Denial Over TINA’s Passing (Jesse Felder, The Felder Report)

🎙️Aswath Damodaran: A Valuation Expert’s Take on Inflation, Stock Buybacks, ESG, and More (Podcast, Morningstar)

📚 Stories are great – but investors should stick to reality (Money Week)

📚 Investors Are Overlooking the Real Power of AI (Institutional Investor)

📚 Apple Pay on a roll, and the banks are rattled to their cores (Australian Financial Review) – paywall

🎙️Sam Zell’s Final Wise Words & Warnings About Market Downside (Wealthion, Youtube)

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