Weekly Reading List – 24th of August

This week’s reading and viewing list discusses how to make money while sitting on your proverbial, the importance of trust, diving deep on the Zuck, and the distinction between intelligence and smarts. 
📚 You make more money sitting on your ass (Boyar Research)

📚 In Search of Safe Havens: The Trust Deficit and Risk-free Investments (Aswath Damodaran)

🎙️ Meta Platforms & Mark Zuckerberg: Going Deep with Mostly Borrowed Ideas (Liberty’s Highlights Podcast)

🎙️ Abundance w/ Michael Berg (Richer, Wiser, Happier Podcast)

📚 Intelligent vs. Smart (Morgan Housel)

📚 Reaction Time is Important (Ian Cassell)

📺  Investing Psychology: Navigating Position Sizing & When To Sell vs Hold A Stock (Guy Spier, YouTube)

🎙️ Lee Ainslie: How To Incrementally Improve Your Investing Odds (Invest Like The Best Podcast)

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