Weekly Reading List – 23rd of November

This week’s reading and viewing list covers The science of AI with Yejin Choi, Biden and Xi’s Blunt Talk and Why We Haven’t Seen A Hard Landing…Yet.
📚 Why We Haven’t Seen A Hard Landing…Yet (Michael Kao (YT)

🎙️ Patrick & John Collison, Co-Founders of Stripe (The Social Radars Podcast)

📚 Conviction: Arrogance, Indispensable, or Both? (Todd Wenning, Flyover Stocks)

📚 Dilution (Sean Iddings, Micro Cap Club)

📚 Small-Caps Are Trailing the Market by the Widest Margin in 25 Years (WSJ)

🎙️ The science of AI with Yejin Choi (Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates Podcast)

📚 Who Controls Open AI? (Matt Levine)

📚 Biden and Xi’s Blunt Talk (Evan Osnos)

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