Weekly Reading List – 22nd of June

This week’s reading and viewing list covers 3 attitude shifts, trying to figure if the market is cheap or expensive, a new perk called freedom, Tesla and Rivian forging ahead on charging as well as a crash course in Uranium amongst many others…

📚 How Cheap (or Expensive) is the Stock Market Right Now? (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

📚 Attitudes have shifted in 3 major ways (TKer by Sam Ro)

📚 The hottest new perk in tech is freedom (Vox)

📚 UAE’s investment in China’s tech sector surges in 2023 (Pingwest)

📚 Rivian Accelerates Electrification through Adoption of North American Charging Standard and Access to Tesla’s Supercharger Network for Rivian Drivers (Rvian)

🎙️ Mike Alkin: The Ultimate Uranium Crash Course (Value Hive Podcast)

🎙️Mobile Gaming: A Freemium Economy (Business Breakdowns Podcast)

📚 The Wisdom of K (Chris Mayer, Author 100-Baggers)

📺 Value After Hours: Ian Cassel on Small and MicroCap Growth and Value, How He Finds Stocks (Youtube, The Acquirers Podcast)

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