Weekly Reading List – 21st of December

This week’s reading and viewing list covers Google’s True Moonshot, What the great philosophers can teach us about investing, and Jeff Bezos: Amazon and Blue Origin.
🎙️ Jeff Bezos: Amazon and Blue Origin (Lex Fridman Podcast)

📚 Google’s True Moonshot (Stratechery)

📚 Shipping firms avoid Red Sea as Houthi attacks increase (Reuters)

📚 The Dispersion Delusion (Brian Chingono & Dan Rasmussen, Verdad)

📚 How the Social Fabric Works: A Conversation With Nassim Nicholas Taleb (CIVILNET, YouTube)

📚 All Time Highs (Rubin Miller)

📚 What the great philosophers can teach us about investing (Christopher Akers)

🎙️ Gavin Uberti – Real-Time AI & The Future of AI Hardware (Invest Like the Best Podcast)

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