Weekly Reading List – 18th of May

This week’s reading and viewing list: The EV revolution is coming, does the U.S. have too many banks? ​why Google is reinventing search and the fight over the debt ceiling. Get your weekly left field information fix below…

📚 Australia’s EV sales hit record 8% in April (The Driven)

🎙️ Ron Shamgar, Portfolio Manager TAMIM Australia Small Cap Income and All Caps, on the Australian Investors Podcast (Australian Investors Podcast)

🎙️ Dave Waters – Searching Nooks and Crannies (The Business Brew Podcast)

🎙️ Does the U.S. have too many banks? (The Indicator Podcast, Planet Money)

📚 All the arguments against EVs are wrong (Noah Smith, blog)

📚 Why Google is reinventing the internet search (Vox)

📚 The fight over the debt ceiling could sink the economy. This is how we got here (NPR)

📺 Paul Tudor Jones: ‘Really good chance’ we’ll be on the verge of recession in Q3 (CNBC, Youtube)

📚 ​ Diversification or Di-worse-ification? (Verdad)

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