Weekly Reading List – 17th of August

This week’s reading and viewing list covers Aristotle’s 10 Rules for a Good Life, Strategy And Philosophy For Turbulent Times and What If Disinflation Is Just An Illusion?

📚 Behind The Curtains of Buffett’s Life with Alice Schroeder (Frederik Gieschen)

🎙️️ Tesla vs. The Competition (Land of the Giants Podcast)

📚 Seeing Losses Differently From Wins (Novel Investor)

📚 Aristotle’s 10 Rules for a Good Life (The Atlantic)

🎙️ An Investor’s Guide to Clear Thinking w/ Chris Mayer (The Investor’s Podcast)

🎙️ Strategy And Philosophy For Turbulent Times (The Daily Stoic Podcast)

🎙️Khan Academy founder Sal Khan on AI and the future of education (ReThinking Podcast)

📚 What If Disinflation Is Just An Illusion? (The Felder Report)

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