Weekly Reading List – 15th of June

This week’s reading and viewing list covers the new Apple Vision, the birth of Bulls (markets), the value of good ideas and walking away with Peter Lynch, amongst other ideas we are sure you will find interesting and useful…

📚 Apple Vision (Stratechery)

📚 How are Bulls Born? (RBA Advisors (not Reserve Bank of Australia)

📚 Peter Lynch: The Wisdom of Walking Away (Kingswell)

📚 Don’t Let Good Ideas Get Away (David Epstein, Range Widely)

📺 Taleb on Inflation, Global Financial Markets, & Crypto (Bloomberg Live Youtube)

📺 Ray Dalio Talks Money, Debt, and US Political Landscape (Bloomberg Live Youtube)

📚 Japan’s Value Mandate for Reform (Verdad)

📚 Lightning in a Bottle (Ian Cassell, Microcap Club)

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