Weekly Reading List – 14th of September

This week’s reading and viewing list covers learnings from LVMH’s Bernard Arnault, a summary of the Chip Wars, Inflation and also how streaming has disrupted movies.
📚 No other investor has a life story quite as unbelievable as Li Lu (Financial Times)

📚 Learning from LVMH’s Bernard Arnault (Investment MasterClass)

📚 “Be Ready for Anything” (David Epstein)

📚 Inflation/USD – The Four Horsemen of US Resilience Will Make the Fed an Uneven “Distributor of Pain.” (KaoBoy Musings)

🎙️ Nassim N. Taleb & Scott Patterson — How Traders Make Billions in The New Age of Crisis, Defending Against Silent Risks, Personal Independence, Skepticism Where It (Really) Counts, The Bishop and The Economist (Tim Ferris Podcast)

📚 A Business Upended: The Streaming Disruption of the Movie & Broadcasting Business (Aswath Damodaran)

🎙️️ The Business of Taylor Swift (Recode Media Podcast)

📚 Chip Wars (Voss Capital)

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