Weekly Reading List – 14th of December

This week’s reading and viewing list covers Hermès’ $151 Billion Family Fortune Is Europe’s Biggest, Assessing the Implications of a Productivity Miracle and Shane Parrish on Finding Clarity and Making Better Decisions.
📚 Hermès’ $151 Billion Family Fortune Is Europe’s Biggest (Bloomberg)

📚 The Difference Makers: Key Person(s) Value (Aswath Damodaran)

📚 Macro Forecasting: Avoiding the Siren Song (Todd Wenning)

🎙️ Shane Parrish on Finding Clarity and Making Better Decisions (Pt 1) (The Daily Stoic Podcast)

🎙️ Shane Parrish on Defining Identity and the Path to Wisdom (PT 2) (The Daily Stoic Podcast)

📚 What’s Behind Warren Buffett’s Fight With a Truck-Stop Mogul (Wall Street Journal)

🎙️ Naval Power in the Pacific: China vs. The United States (Zeihan on Geopolitics, YouTube)

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