Weekly Reading List – 13th of July

This week’s reading and viewing list covers the real risks of AI, how to tweet, the simple life of Pico Iyer and another Marks memo amongst others…

📚 How to Do Great Work (Paul Graham)

🎙️ Walt Disney and Picasso (Founders Podcast)

📚 ​Howard Marks Memo: Taking the Temperature (Howard Marks / Oaktree)

📚 Take the High Road – by (Sean Iddings, Microcap Club)

🎙️ Richer, Wiser, Happier Podcast: Beyond Rich w/ Pico Iyer (RWH Podcast)

📚 The risks of AI are real but manageable (Bill Gates)

📚 Threads and the Social/Communications Map (Ben Thompson, Stratechery)

📚 There’s no such thing as “rolling recessions (The Money Illusion)

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