Weekly Reading List – 11th of May

This week’s reading and viewing list: Naval Ravikant is a legendary investor, find out all you need to know about the 2023 budget, leaving the EU, plastics straws and why DeSantis is fighting Disney + more. Get your weekly left field information fix below…

📚 We’re All Worse Off, Britain is now paying the prices for it’s decision to leave the EU (The Atlantic)

📚 Should We Ban Plastic Straws (Tablet)

​📚 The US Debt Ceiling Crisis Can Be Explained In Three Words (USA Today)

​📚 Want To Understand The Fight Between Disney And DeSantis (Slate)

​📚 The Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme That Hooked Warren Buffett (The Atlantic)

​📚 Federal Budget 2023: Chris Kohlers Simple Guide (You Tube)

​📚 The Miserable Quest For EV Metals (Washington Post)

​📚 Naval Ravikant is a legend (Joe Rogan – YouTube)

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