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The TAMIM team is always diligently researching, reading and scouring the internet for information and ideas that will shape our investing future. We have decided to compile our list of favourite reads together here each week for your convenience and hopefully education – enjoy the reads and various views.



Stop Building More Roads (New York Times)

Barry Diller Has No Time for Talk of a World Changed by Pandemic (Bloomberg)

Robinhood Has Lured Young Traders, Sometimes With Devastating Results (New York Times)

Could This New Metric Upend Private Equity Compensation? (Institutional Investor)

Beware When Wall Street stock analysts scream ‘buy’ (the smart money is already way ahead of them) (Marketwatch)

Don’t Fall in Love with your Stocks (The Belle Curve)

Rising religiosity as a global response to COVID-19 fear (Vox EU)

Coronavirus will undermine trust in government, ‘scarring body and mind’ for decades, research finds (Washington Post)

Fraud, Short Sellers & Media (Investor Amnesia)

The trolley problem problem (Aeon)

​Happy investing,

The team at TAMIM



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