20200430 Tamim Investment Reading List


The TAMIM team is always diligently researching, reading and scouring the internet for information and ideas that will shape our investing future. We have decided to compile our list of favourite reads together here each week for your convenience and hopefully education – enjoy the reads and various views.



The War on Coffee: The history of caffeine and capitalism can get surprisingly heated. (New Yorker)

Digital fashion surges in a sales downturn (Vogue)

“A Darwinian Moment”: The Coronavirus Is Blowing Up the Media Landscape (Vanity Fair)

Americans Are Largely Unimpressed With Trump’s Handling Of The Coronavirus Pandemic (FiveThirtyEight)

A single Trump tweet sums up his media strategy: Confusion (Vox)

Biden says he thinks Trump will try to delay the presidential election (CNN)

What Negative Prices Tell Us About the Future (Wall Street Journal)  

The Pandemic Shows What Cars Have Done to Cities (The Atlantic)

Investors baffled by soaring stocks in ‘monster’ depression (Financial Times)

Tools to Help You Keep Your Distance as More People Go Outside (Wall Street Journal)

Esports and the Dangers of Serving at the Pleasure of a King (Matthew Ball)
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