20190228 Tamim Investment Reading List


The TAMIM team is always diligently researching, reading and scouring the internet for information and ideas that will shape our investing future. We have decided to compile our list of favourite reads together here each week for your convenience and hopefully education – enjoy the reads and various views.



“Bad or Good Board of Directors – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!” (25iq)

How to Be a Good Board Member (Both Sides of the Table)
Taming the Wild: Only a handful of wild animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans. The reason, scientists say, is found in their genes. (National Geographic)
The Ethical Dilemma Facing Silicon Valley’s Next Generation (The Ringer)

Behind the Scenes, Health Insurers Use Cash and Gifts to Sway Which Benefits Employers Choose (ProPublica)

Gauging Market Responses to Monetary Policy Communication (St. Louis Fed)
Is the World Getting Better or Worse? (The Walrus)
What an economist learned by driving for Uber (Quartz)

Russian-Style Kleptocracy Is Infiltrating America (Defense One)

Different Kinds of Stupid (Collaborative Fund)​

​Happy investing,

The team at TAMIM

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