20181101 Tamim Investment Reading List


The TAMIM team is always diligently researching, reading and scouring the internet for information and ideas that will shape our investing future. We have decided to compile our list of favourite reads together here each week for your convenience and hopefully education – enjoy the reads and various views.



A sign of things to come? AI-produced artwork sells for $433K, smashing expectations (CNN Style)
Five myths about Apple (Washington Post)Uber’s Secret Restaurant Empire: The incredible growth of the food delivery business has led to some unconventional arrangements (Businessweek)

As NASA’s prized telescopes falter, astronomers fear losing their eyes in space (Washington Post)
The agony of the value investor (Economist)​​

An Alternative History of Silicon Valley Disruption (Wired)
Big in Japan: The story of how Kit Kats, once a British chocolate export, became a booming business from Hokkaido to Tokyo — and changed expectations about what a candy bar could be. (New York Times)
How I Accidentally Wound Up Running a Outlaw Biker Gang (Medium)

Older People Are Worse Than Young People at Telling Fact from Opinion. (The Atlantic)
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The team at TAMIM

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