20180301 Tamim Investment Research List

The TAMIPictureM team is always diligently researching, reading and scouring the internet for information and ideas that will shape our investing future. We have decided to compile our list of favourite reads together here each week for your convenience and hopefully education – enjoy the reads and various views.


​The Curse of Intelligence (Wealth of Common Sense)

​My original iPod is a time capsule from 2002 (the Verge)​​

​A Wave of Corporate Propaganda Is Boosting Trump’s Tax Cuts: Businesses saw that most Americans didn’t like the tax law at first. So they’ve gone on the offensive. (the Nation)

We Forget That Everything Is Relative (Behavioral Scientist)

Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free — and it should be a red flag (Business Insider)

​The Case Against Google: Critics say the search giant is squelching competition before it begins. Should the government step in? (New York Times)

​Crisis actors, deep state, false flag: the rise of conspiracy theory code words (The Guardian)

Happy investing,

The team at TAMIM

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